by: Eddie Duncan Shackleford   9/25/2013

Numerous websites compete for the attention of millions who play fantasy sports. A billion-dollar industry that continues to grow, fantasy sports is not solely etched in football.
Fantasy baseball has been around since the 1960s and originated from the popular Strat-O-Matic board game. Basketball leagues sprouted up in the late 1980s. Today, you can find fantasy leagues for almost any sport ranging from golf to NASCAR to horse racing. Finding results and keeping track of players' performances in real time enhances the competitive nature of being a team owner.

One of the best and most overlooked places to follow players on your fantasy team is The NFL maintains the website, which is as up-to-date and easy to navigate as any on the Internet. Mobile applications allow fantasy team owners to follow results on mobile devices.
Each major sports website offers up-to-date and real-time results, which fantasy owners can follow on mobile devices and tablets. ESPN, Yahoo!,, USA Today and The Sporting News have been the leaders in fantasy sports and continue to blaze new trails in the field. 

According to, some of the best mobile apps come from some of these same companies that have been recognized for innovative fantasy sports websites. Many of these apps are free, while others charge a nominal fee. Because they have the resources, manpower and technology, website such as ESPN, Yahoo! and CBS Sports are the best places to follow your fantasy players. These sites allow fantasy owners to watch plays unfold as statistics are being updated in real time. Owners also can interact with other owners and fans through a comments section.

Each website maintains user-friendly graphics so a fantasy owner can keep track how every player is performing throughout the game, at any given time. Not only are statistics updated, but so are injuries and coaching decisions. By no means are these the only ways to track fantasy results. There are numerous other web sites for real-time results. Many of these sites also offer fantasy advice based on previous results.,,, and Fantasy Football Today are popular examples.

Unlike ESPN and The Sporting News, which are sports news websites, websites like and, are devoted to fans who want only to play fantasy sports. And like the sports news websites, results are updated as they happen. Fantasy players, of course, can watch games on TV and can tune in to specific channels to get results. For instance, fantasy NFL owners who subscribe to DirectTV can keep track of results via DirectTV's "Red Zone," which lets viewers listen to radio broadcasts when a team is "knocking on the door."

Having a reliable and fast bundle Internet connection is essential to keeping up with how your favorite players are performing. But if you can't be in front of your TV, you still can stay connected and get real-time results. When it comes to fantasy sports, the only thing more frustrating than not knowing if your fantasy team won, is not knowing how each of your individual players performed.

With DirectTV's "NFL Sunday Ticket" bundle, fantasy players can track every game on a computer or mobile device as if they were sitting in their living room watching television. Verizon and ESPN also struck deal to give fantasy owners even more options to stay connected to their home network and follow their players and teams when they are on the go. Live  streaming of games is available with a Verizon account and a subscription to FiOS TV.