by: Antonio Trujillo   6/4/2013

Here we are. A TRUE clash of the titans matchup we've gotten ourselves into, isn't it? Of course we have the best of the East and defending champions, the Miami Heat, versus the best of the West, San Antonio Spurs, pitted against each other. But these finals seem like more than that, don't they? 

Let me explain this feeling of anxiety that's come upon me and hopefully every sports fan. This feeling is one that has come upon us with great reason. This series brings us the immovable object vs. unstoppable force that everyone hopes for in any kind of championship series. Two veteran teams rightfully crowned winners of their respected conference. A championship matchup that even the casual fan could've predicted from afar since the beginning of the season.  

Two teams composed of more than NBA veterans, more than veterans of the NBA playoffs, more than veterans of the NBA finals, but these finals present us with two team's whose cores are highlighted by NBA champions.  Players who have finally gotten over the championship hill that many legends never get to crawl over. Players who in a sense don't care about this ring specifically, but more about which finger this ring will go on. Players who care about how many titles will be next to their name when they are Googled by future generations. Teams that are comprised of players who know that when it is all said and done, their team's legacy will be more important than any scoring title, NBA All First Team selection or MVP trophy that they may come across during their career.  These teams are composed of a set of players who enjoy playing together.

"Team players"

Throw in the critics who label the San Antonio Spurs system as boring. The critics who say Lebron is not the next Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. The critics who forget just how legendary of a career Tim Duncan, who I recognize as the greatest power forward of the modern era, has had. The critics that say the Heat can not live up to the "not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6"  title aspirations they have created for themselves. The critics who do not even mention Tony Parker's name when listing the top five point guards in the game, when stats say otherwise. And folks, we have a recipe of an NBA Finals this year (and maybe a few years to come) for the ages.  A recipe for a potential rivalry (depending on how long Timmy can keep this level of dynamic play up, remember he did sign a three-year contract at the start of this season) comparible to dare I say, Boston-L.A of the mid 80's.  A rivalry so legendary that a journalist, born four years after the last championship between the two was played for, can still reference.  

Whatever the outcome of these finals or the next to come, these TEAMS have guaranteed us a heck of a show.  The next two weeks of basketball will definitely be something.