josh hamilton...

8/8/2009 5:31:53 PM
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to say that the "devil is still im him" is overboard, everyone has a slip up now and then.



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It was one time and he knows he was wrong. He admitted doing it even before the pictures came out, and didn't try to hide it. There is no way that this should be blown out of proportion...

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Looks like a fun time. Wish I was there.

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^^^ hahaha. At least he admitted his mistake, wish him well though. He's a good player.

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He came out real early and admitted to some people about this. But wow his wife must have been pissed!!!

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Just because the man had a good time, despite his past as an addict of drugs and alcohol, doesn't make him an evil or burden to an organization. I guarantee this situation occurs frequently for many top players, when they have the time, and this was blown way out of proportion. Hamilton is a beast. Period. End of story.

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Awesome picture though...  He still has a wife after this?

I gotta buy me some money... 

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