Pacman Jones Makes it Rain

7/17/2009 11:57:41 AM
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Smart guy, this one. How many shootings, drug busts, and felony charges do you need \before you say to yourself, "Hey, maybe I should just stop going to nightclubs"?

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I think the answer is 8. 

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'Just minutes after "making it rain," Jones was involved in a fight inside the club. A short time later, three people were shot outside the club.'

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Does not show anything criminal nor any contributions to criminal behavior. The 'ol boys on the Hill or the clean cut professionals of ESPN do the same thing....only difference is that some idiot was not in attendance firing shots outside of the club. PAC is definitely not my fav person; however, are we to hold him responsible for some crazed shooter.

Any fools on here that have visited the massage parlor in Chinatown during lunch or flashed money at a bachelor party or strip joint are the same as Pac on this vid. No crime here.....


Plus he's not even being charged w/ hitting the chick. Dude needs to really chill though!!

Video does show irresponsibility, but I don't think that violates any state codes. This is really an every weekend occurence. Just hope none of your boys decide to shoot someone when there w/ you !! Please understand, this is definitely not a defense of Jones....but I don't see how this will aid any prosecution of him. He already said he was there, and that is all this vid proves. 

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trouble always follows pacman jones. its almost like there is nothing he can do about it but stay in the house.

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What a great video off ESPN.  It was all pixelated.

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afros, while I agree that he can't be blamed for someone he's not affiliated with the person who did the shootings, the point is that trouble just seems to follow this guy. He can choose to clean his slate off a little bit, but for some reason he continues to go places that are going to get him into trouble.

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when i watched it on espn i was just saying to myself O-M-G. i could not believe espn showed the entire video up until it ended. i do wish that the 40,000 that was thrown away at the scrip club could have ended up in some type of charity, or put in a safe just in case you might get suspended for something...

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United I see where you are trying to go with it, but Im sure he doesnt go into the Strip club and expect to get in any trouble, he just wanted some T&A...

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pac man is trash period

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