"Turn off the lights the party is over" Does Jerry fire Wade after today's game?

10/31/2010 4:17:04 PM
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Dallas is done! Jerry created the Palace to host the Superbowl. He will have a great view of the 2 teams that qualify.

Wade and the coaching staff have to go! Bye Bye..Ciao...See ya partner...

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The Cowboys season ended once Romo went down in the 2nd quarter of the Giants game, not today. I dont see why anyone would be surprised at the result of today's game. The Cowboys are one of the worst coached teams in the NFL, make a ton of mistakes, and can't execute when it matters. Their offense puts up huge yardage numbers every week but turnovers prevent them from putting up any points. 

I dont think Jerry will fire Wade before the season is over, theres really no reason to. Its not like hes going to be able to bring anyone in midseason any way. Keep the coaching staff together and then fire all of them after the season is over.

This is the same team that won the Division last year, so its not like the talent isn't there. But they need a lot better coaching and some young talent on the o-line.

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Good teams find a way to win. Eli Manning will throw 10 picks but the giants can still win the game. Tony Romo(before he went down) would throw for 800 yards and the cowboys would still lose.

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I hope they give Phillips a 10 year extension. As long as the pop-n-fresh doughboy is coach they'll never get anywhere.

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Sure the Cowboys season ended when Tony Romo got blasted, but they got raped today.  Dez Bryant is a wasted talent there this season.

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Coaching isn't the problem in Dallas. The problem is that the team is full of past-their-prime vets and young talent that is completely absent any and all football IQ. Their next head coach, if he has any sense at all, will blow that team up and rebuild.

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blame the coach. leadership starts from the top.

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the cowboys have plenty of talent. its 100% coaching to blame

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Coaches don't throw interceptions, lose fumbles, or commit stupid penalties. The Cowboys' talent is vastly overrated. Dez Bryant and Felix Jones are both young and talented players. Other than that, every key Dallas contributer is either in or past their prime. Romo, Austin, and Ware are in their primes. Brooking, Williams, Witten, Newman. If you want to blame coaching for not getting a large enough quantity of young talent after Bill Parcells left, then go ahead. But don't act like coaching is the only or even biggest problem in Dallas. The problem is that they've kept together an old, overrated roster that was built by Bill Parcells to win three years ago and is too old to win now.

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Austin is only 26, and Romo is 30. I would say each of them have at the very least 3-4 more years of playing at the level theyre at or above it.

And turnovers, penalties and stupid mistakes can all be attributed to coaching. When you have discipline, you don't make those mistakes. The Cowboys don't have any discipline. The talent IS there, and thats been proven.

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If lineman gets caught holding, how is the coach responsible?  If he moves before the snap, how is the coach responsible?  When old boy was called for holding in the skins game, Wade in the wada was responsible for not reminding him on proper blocking technique? Are you kidding me?  That cat has been playing for at least 7 or 8 years.  Penalties, interceptions, dropped passes player problems. Mismanagement of players, poor player development, and talent evaluation that's on the coach.  

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If a player gets a penalty once or twice, then thats on the player. But the coach is responsible for what he puts out onto the field. If the same player is dropping balls, making bad decisions, getting the same penalties over and over, thats on the coach. When Bill Parcells was the Cowboys coach, they were not making this many mistakes. And don't tell me those teams were more talented then what the Cowboys have now.

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nice post.

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