Cowboys keep getting worse

10/26/2010 1:13:45 PM
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When its all said and done, will the 2010 cowboys go down as the most overrated team to ever play the game? Will they win again this year? Will even the most delusional cowboys fans stop making excuses for phillips/romo/garrett/jones? Can they leapfrog notre dame as the current team with the most fabricated relevance to american football? I dont mean to beat a dead horse here but this team's hype to performance ratio brings back memories of Y2K.

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I'm just happy that even though we have to hear about them all the time, we can hear about how much they suck. They're bad though. REAL bad. And without Romo they're even worse. And they're still ridiculously overhyped. Something on ESPNs bottomline this morning said something like "Accuscore says that without Romo, the Cowboys went from having a 20% chance of making the playoffs to a 1.5% chance of making the playoffs." A 1-5 team doesn't have a 20% chance of making the playoffs. It doesn't matter who the QB is. Even with Romo, they would not go 9-1 over their last ten games, which is what they will have to do in order to make the playoffs. When you still have Green Bay, New York, New Orleans, Indianapolis, Philly twice, and the Redskins again on your schedule, you're not going to go 9-1 regardless of who your QB is. However, Jon Kitna at QB makes them a significantly worse team. Cowboys fans, count your losses. Whatever you thought you might accomplish this season is over. Hope for 5 wins. Seriously.

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I mean, every year theres a Super Bowl pick who fails horribly so no.  Probably not most overrated, but without doubt they're the most delousional.  They still think they will make the playoffs.  Retards running a team, retards playing for the team, and retards rooting for the team.

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Cowboy fans cant count that high

I do feel bad for the Cowboys though because the sports "analyst" made them the team to beat and they never asked for that. Even when they were what 1-3, analyst still said they were the best team in the nfc east...WTH. Now they look like complete laughing stocks because of what guys on the sunday show say

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I feel no sympathy for the Cowboys.  They are a bunch of morons with a misplaced sense of entitlement.  The fact that they were sitting at 1-5 at this point and you still see Roy Williams doing stupid first down celebrations and drawing flags for multiple excessive celebrations penalties shows that this team still thinks that they are better than they are and that everyone will just bow before them.  Screw them, screw their fans, and screw their dickhead of an owner.

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