Who died and gave the NFC East title to the Cowboys?

10/5/2010 7:42:28 PM
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After a 1-2 start and a Bye week apparently every sportscaster and their mother has claimed that Dallas is the team to beat in the NFC East.  According to the mass media over this past week in which the cowboys were the only NFC east team not to have a game, they have become a playoff contender and a threat to win the superbowl.  A loss to the bears, who the Giants tooled around for four quarters, and a loss to the Redskins doesn't exactly seem like a superbowl team to me or even a threat in the NFC East.  Maybe I'm missing something, but any thoughts?

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I haven't heard of anybody crowning them SB champs this week, but the Cowboys still remain the most overhyped team in North American sports.  There are millions of Cowboys apologists out there, and the fact that they have played crap football in their first 3 games and are still just a half game out of first in the NFC East says that somebody will win this division by default.  The Cowboys seem like the most viable option at this point, considering that the Giants are terrible, the Eagles can't win with Kolb at the helm, and the Skins are way to confusing at this point to give them the edge.  The Cowboys may win the NFC East, but that is definitely not the accomplishment that it used to be.  We'll see what happens when CJ and the Titans head to big D next week.  

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Yeah, as soon as the Cowboys figure out they are a run based team, then yeah they are the beast of the NFC east.

On the flip side, that is why they suck, because like a true blue NFL co-ordinator, they want to throw the ball around the field, and that is where they get into trouble.

The NFC East is wide open, with the Cowboys at the top of my list.  On their ego can get in their way.

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Vick is gonna miss this sunday, but the Eagles won't need him to beat the 49ers. He'll probably be back after that and they'll be okay. Not great, but okay. Okay might be good enough to win the NFC East this year. The reason everyone's back on the Cowboys is because almost everyone picked them to win the division at the beginning of this year and now they have an opportunity to justify that claim. Right now it looks like 9-7 is probably going to be enough to win the NFC East this year. There's no team that definitely can't go 9-7 right now. If the Redskins keep winning divisional games, that would go a long way toward shocking the world this year and winning the division.

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I don't think the Eagles are beating San Fran this week.  No Vick, no McCoy, no win.  I don't care how bad SF has been.  They will beat the Eagles on Sunday.

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No one is giving the Cowboys the NFC East Title. The reason a lot of analysts might pick Dallas to win the NFC East right now is because no one in the division has looked that great through the first 4 weeks. The Skins were basically handed the win over the Cowboys, the Giants have looked horrible in some games, and the Eagles just lost to Washington. The Cowboys won the division last season, have a lot of talent, and have just a good a shot to win the East as any other team.

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knights12 how were the skins handed the win against the cowboys? are you referring to the holding call that was 100% correct or the cowboys' poor play?

it is amazing that one game in week 3 was either going to mean the cowboys' season was over or they're back to being the favorites in the east. i think people on both sides of the argument forget that it is a 17-week season. sure, the odds would have been against the cowboys if they lost, but thats why you play the games.

the cowboys might be back on track, but their next 3 games are fairly tough. tennessee is not a fun game to play for anyone, and i think they might be able to run on dallas' defense. plus they play tough D. minnesota with randy moss is a very intriguing team and an even more intriguing matchup against dallas. plus its at minnesota. then you have the giants in an intra-division game monday night game, which are always tough. i think the jury is still out on dallas and their season should be re-evaluated after week 7 against new york.

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this is the most wide open the NFL has been in years....its gonna be a cool season and its going to be fun to see who wins the NFC east especially

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